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DR SPACE - Nykawana


Release date: 23rd September 2020


ltd. edt. 150 copies total

- 170g - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. Nykawana  (23:34)

Side B:

2. Myrekrida  (23:25)

order in Hamburg-Germany  or in  Portugal


- ltd. edt. 100 copies - digisleeve - hand numbered

1. Nykawana  (23:34)

2. Myrekrida  (23:32)

order in Hamburg-Germany  or in  Portugal

DR SPACE, aka Scott Heller, plays in Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle, Doctors of Space and contributes

synthesizers to many other bands and projects.

The music of this album was conceived in October 2019 after reading and being inspired by the book

‘The Long Trip - A prehistory of Psychedelia’ by Paul Devereux. DR SPACE set up some synthesizers and his new KORG SQ-1

sequencer and went about making some improvised music.

All the music was recorded in two days.  More time was spent on the mixing and mastering of it. 

This electronic music is highly inspired by Doug Walker (Alien Planetscapes), Klaus Schultze, Cluster, Eno, etc. .... but he

does it in his own way.

Dr Space: “I just search for a sound, a vibe and create. I am not nearly as talented as any of the folks I cite but I

enjoy making music, my own way, with my own imperfections, and flaws. It is music meant to raise an ear and emotion,

sometimes relaxing and meditative and other times, disturbing, just like a mushroom or psychedelic experience (with or

without drugs).”


Dr Space - Korg SQ-1 Sequencer, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha CS-10, ARP Odessey, Custom Modular Synthesizer

Thanks to the Native American Church for the use of the Chants.

Recorded in the Universal Audio Apollo platform using Logic 9 with UAD analog modelling plug ins.

Mixed and mastered by Dr Space in Portugal, Oct. 2019

Artwork by David Graham

Mushroom picture provided by Carlos




Release date: 7th August 2020


ltd. edt. 100 copies - digisleeve - hand numbered

1. 4 G Spot  (8:00)

2. Reverberations In The Void  (4:35)

3. Flashforwards  (6:48)

4. Moons In Your Mind  (5:16)

5. Fucked Up World  (4:33)

6. Scorpoodledoo  (9:40)

order in Hamburg-Germany  or in  Portugal

The music on this CD (and the two that will follow this year) was mainly recorded during the quarantine in

March and April 2020.

Dr Space recorded many pieces of diverse music, more simple, not as layered, focusing on a specific sound and emotion

for each track.

Dr Space: "Some of it is just damn strange but there is a sense to it."


Dr Space - novation ultranova & modular synthesizer

(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle; Doctors Of Space)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dr Space (with aural input from Hasse Horrigmoe, his partner in this project)

Artwork by David Graham


DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP - Vol. 4, Space With Bass


Release date: CD 5th May / Vinyl 26th June 2020


ltd. edt. 280 copies total

- 180x black

- 100x turquoise

- 190-200g - A3 poster - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

1. Vermis Ex-Deus Primero

Side B:

2. Bemushroomed

3. 3rd Eye Into The 4th Dimension

Side C:

4. Rolling Quark Secretion  (Vinyl only Bonus Track !)

5. BlackCloud

Side D:

6. Bass Karma

7. Lament For The Wicked

order in Hamburg-Germany  or in  Portugal


- ltd. edt. 200 copies - digisleeve

1. Vermis Ex-Deus Primero

2. Bemushroomed

3. 3rd Eye Into The 4th Dimension

4. BlackCloud

5. Bass Karma

6. Lament For The Wicked

order in Hamburg-Germany  or in  Portugal

DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP "Vol. 4" was born in the summer of 2019 as a number of strange synth improvisations

and experiments, many with the idea to have someone record guitar on the top but these ones were thought to be too

strange or difficult to add guitar to, so they added Bass.

Hasse Horrigmoe (Tangle Edge) visited Dr Space and played some amazingly creative bass on these tracks and utterly

transformed them.

Dr Space had received the “In Search of Hades” Tangerine Dream box set this summer as well as had watched the

Conny Plank documentary DVD.

The music is highly inspired by Tangerine Dream, Neu, Cluster, Eno, etc.

We feel the music is highly challenging at times but also utterly unique in this world. Enjoy, open your ears and your mind

to something strange and wonderful.  We recommend you listen to this album in the headphones ... but be careful ;-)


Dr Space - analog synthesizer, sequencer

(Øresund Space Collective; Black Moon Circle; ...)

Hasse Horrigmoe - bass guitar

(Tangle Edge; Øresund Space Collective)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dr Space (late 2019, early 2020) with extensive input to the mixing by Hasse Horrigmoe

Artwork / layout & front cover photo by David Graham

Back cover photos by Sabine Pottien and Scott Heller


NUKLI - There Is Another Way


Release date: 26th June 2020


ltd. edt. 300 copies total

- 100x black

- 200x orange (side A/B) & light green (side C/D)

... 190-200g - gatefold cover - hand numbered - dc

Side A:

1. Live Life Love

2. Free Festival

3. Kraanisch

Side B:

4. Sometimes

5. Mind Over Matter

6. Nomadik Trybes

Side C:

7. Time Machine

8. Spiral Dance

9. Fridge D'Or

Side D:

10. Rollin'n'Stabbin'

11. There Is Another Way

12. Foel Funk  (Vinyl only Bonus Track !)

order in Hamburg-Germany

The band NUKLI were founded in the late 80s and released several cassette releases and only one official CD, ‘Time Factory’, back in 1997.

While the band have been playing live all these years and released a few live recordings this is the first new studio album since 1997 and the band’s first ever vinyl release. The songs on this vinyl were recorded at the Foel Studio in Wales back in 2012, so they took their time to get this finished and released but it was worth the wait!

The "There Is Another Way" LP features 12 mostly long tracks with a really great positive message. They also mix in some interesting samples between tracks. Overall, the tracks just flow like good aged wine, with some nice solid bass and drum grooves over which Kev plays some fantastic and cool guitar with a  nice use of effects pedals at times. He also plays some keys on a few tracks and they mix in some spacey sounds here and there as well.

“Foel Funk” is a bonus track only on the vinyl, not on the CD (self release) or bandcamp!. Exclusive!!

The musicians:

Kev Hegan – guitar, keyboard, vocals

Peter Out – drums, percussion

Mark Huxley – bass guitar

Recorded at the Foel Studios Studios, November 2012 by Tom Wild

Mixed & Produced by Peter Out 2019

Cover Artwork by Mark Huxley / Photographs by Kev Hegan


ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Experiments In The Subconscious


Release date: 7th February 2020


ltd. edt. 500 copies total

- 150x black

- 150x marbled

- 200x red (side A/B) & orange (side C/D)

- 170g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Lost In Africa

Side B:

2. Prosthetic Cuban

Side C:

3. Lost Milesage

Side D:

4. Oops

5. Hieroglyphic Smell

order in Hamburg-Germany or Portugal


- ltd. edt. 500 copies - digisleeve

release date: 7th February 2020

1. Lost In Africa

2. Prosthetic Cuban

3. Lost Milesage

4. Oops

5. Hieroglyphic Smell

order in Hamburg-Germany  or Portugal

Øresund Space Collective (ØSC) is a totally improvised Scandinavian space rock band.

The band has been releasing albums since 2006 and this is the bands 34th release.  The band has played all over Europe

and many festivals. Their music is quite diverse and influenced by the ever changing line up in the collective.

This is the 3rd full length record from the amazing studio sessions that lead to the ‘Hallucinations Inside The Oracle’ and

‘Kybalion’ records.

These 5 tracks are hardly outtakes though. These tracks show yet another side of the creative force that entered into the

studio for 3 days in Nov 2016.

Afrobeat inspiration, Miles Davis surfaces again, Tangerine Dream and some just psychedelic rock!

Recorded at the Black Tornado Studios, Nov 4-6th, 2016 by Lars Lundholm.

Mixed in Stockholm in the Magnetic Satellite. hovering 10 meters above Blackeberg in Stockholm) Nov-March 2016-17 by

Jonathan Segel with guidance from Hasse.

Artwork by Dennis W. Freet / layout by David Graham.

The players:

Dr Space (synths), Hasse (doun douns, bass, talking drum), Jiri (bass),

Jonathan (violin, guitar, bass, farfisa, and other instruments), KG (sitar, guitar, synths),

Magnus (guitar, synths), Tim (drums).