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Release date CD: 27th May 2023 / Release date LP: 5th June 2023



ltd. edt. 500 copies total

- 300x black

- 200x orange/purple splatter

180g - gatefold - hand numbered - download code

Side A:

Everyone Is Evil PT 1 (23:15)

Side B:

Everyone Is Evil PT 2 (22:43)

Side C:

Everyone Is Evil PT 3 (18:38)

Side D:

Everyone Is Good (maybe) (23:44)

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ltd. edt. 400 copies, in a 6-sided digisleeve

1. Everyone Is Evil (64.40)

2. Everyone Is Good (maybe) (23:44)

3. End Of The World As You Thought You Knew It (9:09) (CD bonus track)

4. Floating From Here To There (29:05) (CD bonus track)

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Øresund Space Collective (ØSC), formed in 2004, is a totally improvising Scandinavian space rock band and has been releasing albums since 2006. The band has played concerts & festivals all over Europe. Their music is quite diverse and influenced by the ever-changing line up in the collective.

“Everyone Is Evil” is the Band’s 40th release. This session took place in Sept. 2022 and collected up a number of

top musicians to create several albums of progressive, psychedelic, world music and space rock!

The track “Everyone is Evil” is an epic 64min track that takes the listener on an intense journey through different

universes and a bit of CAN, Magma and other bands but in their own unique way. “Everyone is Good” brings you

down to a more calm state in this repetitive, meditative exploration into space music.

The two CD bonus tracks start with a rocking one and then followed by a 29min trip to another world. Lots of

musical ideas are explored during the journey.

- - -

Recorded live at Estúdio Paraíso Nas Nuvens, Central Portugal on Sept 6-10th, 2022 by Scott Heller.

Tracks 1 and 3 mixed by Jonathan Segel in Stockholm, Oct-Nov 2022. Tracks 2 and 4 mixed by Dr Space. Sonic

advice from Hasse Horrigmoe. Mastering by Jonathan Segel and Dr Space. Amazing artwork by David Graham.


ALBINÖ RHINO - Return To The Core


Release Date: 3rd March 2023



ltd. edt. 305 copies total

- 152x black

- 153x silver

160g - hand numbered

Side A:
1. Return To The Core PT1  (15:31)

Side B:
2. Return To The Core PT2  (20:14)

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ltd. edt. 200 copies, digisleeve, hand numbered

1. Return To The Core (35:35)

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Albinö Rhino are a psychedelic doom rock trio from Helsinki, Finland.

The band has released 2 albums and various EPs over the years. They recorded this amazing 35min continuous

piece after jamming it at the practice room mostly improvised for years, in between the heavier pieces that

Albinö Rhino is known for and jumped to the studio when the arrangement felt right. One of the parts is written

just one day before entering the beautiful Suomenlinnan Studio with the talented sound wizard Ilari Larjosto.

The album was recorded live in one day with some additional overdubs recorded later at Helsinki Music Studio,

where the album was also mixed.  The opus was mastered at Virtalähde Mastering.

Dr Space, Olli Laamanen & Mikko Heikinpoika added their magic when the core was built. The piece moves from

acoustic spacey music to heavy desert rock and doom with ease and grace and has an amazing flow to create

one hell of a good psychedelic ride.

The players on this album:

Kimmo Tyni (guitar, moog, vocals)

VH (bass, vocals)

Viljami Väre (drums)


Scott Heller (modular synths)

Mikko Heikinpoika (overtone vocals on the outro)

Olli Laamanen (roland system 100)

Artwork by Viljami Väre

Layout by David Graham