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24th September 2019

The test pressing for our next release arrived: SONIC TRIP PROJECT "Atomium Sunflower" (SRP062). Sounds great :-)

23rd September 2019

Sorry that we haven't written anything here since such a long time. Hope you all had a great summertime :-)

On 7th September we released the 2LP Øresund Space Collective "Slip Into The Vortex" (SRP061). Originally released only on CD in 2010 we are happy that this album is now out on vinyl too!

It's available on black and coloured vinyl. The black vinyl is almost sold out.

20th May 2019

Our office is closed from May 21st - June 10th

Hope to see some of you when we are on Tour with Øresund Space Collective & Black Moon Circle :-)

"OSC Meets BMC Tour 2019"

Lygtens Kro, København, DK May 23rd

Spaceboat VI Hamburg, DE May 24th & 25th 2019

(you can still get some tickets at the boat for 25th ! be there at 10:30)

Urban Spree, Berlin May 26th, 2019

Ostpol, Dresden, DE  May 27th

Warsaw, PL May 28th

day off May 29th

Fenix Bar, Alyst, Lithuania May 30th

Fontaine Palace, Liepāja, Latvia May 31st

Ääniwalli, Helsinki, FI, June 1st

Vastavirta, Tampere, FI, June 2nd

Melody Box, Stockholm, Sweden June 4th

17th May 2019

Good news :-) The 3LP ØSC meets BMC 'Freak Out In The Fjord' comes soon!

New release date for the vinyl is now 21st June 2019.

But we are happy that both bands can bring it on their Freak Out In The Fjord-Tour in May/June through Denmark - Germany - Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Finland - Sweden ...! :-)

24th April 2019

Unhappy news ... the vinyl ØSC meets BMC 'Freak Out In The Fjord' (SRP059) needs to be repressed.

New release date is now probably any day in June. We keep you posted.

The CD version will be still available from May 7th.

20th April 2019

We wish you all peaceful Easter :-)

take good care

Scott & Sabine / Space Rock Productions

19th April 2019

You can now pre-order the triple vinyl & double CD  ØSC meets BMC 'Freak Out In The Fjord' (SRP059). Release date is 7th May.

Same for DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP 'Vol. 3 - featuring Martin Weaver'  (SRP060), only 318 copies on vinyl. Release date for this album is 4th May.

Check out the page 'Releases 2019' for more informations ... :-)

8th March 2019

The test pressings for our two releases in May arrived and we approved them!

It's ØSC meets BMC 'Freak Out In The Fjord'  (3LP and 2CD, SRP059)

and DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP 'Vol. 3 - featuring Martin Weaver'  (1LP, SRP060)


10th February 2019

We will have 3 new releases out in March :-)

3rd EAR EXPERIENCE with DR SPACE 'Ear To Space' on Vinyl & CD.

ØSC 'Good Planets Are Hard To Find' from 2009 and now the first time on Vinyl.

ORGANIK 'Organik' on Vinyl, ltd. edt. 300 copies. A Danish trio playing cool Rock, Stoner, with a bit Space Rock at times.

8th February 2019

The ØSC "Kybalion" is selling well, people love it. Unfortunately the cyberdelic world, created by Cyber Rabbit, is not finished yet and we are very sorry. But Cyber Rabbit promised to have it ready this month. We keep you posted.

21st January 2019

We will have a new release out on January 28th ... JOY featuring DR SPACE "Live At Roadburn 2018". It's a 2LP (3 sided) on black vinyl, 200 copies only!

10th January 2019

Happy New Year and all the very best to you all.


19th October 2018

The test pressings for our next 2 releases arrived some days ago and we could approve them.

Early December we release another great LP by the Finish Space rockers DEEP SPACE DESTRUCTORS calls 'Visions From
The Void'.

The other release later in December will be ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE "Kybalion", on a double Vinyl and a CD. This is a collaboration with Cyber Rabbit (Virtual Reality)! A very exciting project ! :-)

12th October 2018

The record 'First Band From Outer Space - We’re Only In It For The Space Rock' looks & sounds great and is selling well.

3rd September 2018

Everybody agreed on that the test pressing for 'First Band From Outer Space - We’re Only In It For The Space Rock'

sounds great. We look forward to the final pressing ... in October :-)

We keep you posted.

31st August 2018 

The CD 'Øresund Space Collective - live in berlin 2018' arrived ... it looks & sounds great. Now we still need to hand

number them.

 11th August 2018

The double CD 'Øresund Space Collective - live in berlin 2018' is in production (multitrack recording). This concert

was the last one of their fantastic 9 days tour and the first one ever in Berlin. It will be out middle of September ...

1st August 2018

The debut album by the Swedish Space Rock band FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE - we’re only in it for the space

rock, is in production. It is a collaboration release with Transubstans Records (Sweden). The vinyl version features two

unreleased tracks! Due out in October.

ØSC - Kybalion is going into production in August and will be released in November / December.

We hope to start the new DEEP SPACE DESTRUCTORS album around the same time.

April 2018

DR SPACE’S ALIEN PLANET TRIP - Vol 2 and ØSC - Chatoyant Breath releases will be out in May.

February 2018

2017 was a great year for SRP with a lot of excellent releases. Thanks to all the bands that made such excellent music.

2018 is looking to be a great year as well with releases by ON TRIAL (out now!), DR SPACE’S ALIEN PLANET TRIP “Vol.

2”, ØSC, FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE (as a collaboration with Transubstans Records), DEEP SPACE


Thanks for the support.