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Release date: 19th December 2018

We are proud to announce the next ØSC release on Space Rock Productions, Kybalion.

It is a collaboration with Space Rock Productions, Cyber Rabbit and of course ØSC.

... read more about it further below ...



ltd. edt. 520 copies (182x black - 210x white - 128x purple)

(... the purple one is incl. a cardboard for the VR ...) 

- 180g - 4-sided booklet - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side 1

1. Open the Door And Take A Ride  (21:09)

Side 2

2. Tropical Flavour Of The Month  (2:55)

3. Take A Trip  (17:31)

Side 3

4. Pixie Dust  (8:26)

5. Down The Tube  (8:22)

6. New Tropical Flavour  (5:14)

Side 4

7. Sequencing Of The Human Brain  (9:31)

8. Smooth Future  (10:15)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal


- ltd. edt. 900 copies - 8-sided digisleeve - poster (47 x 23,5 cm)

1. Open the Door And Take A Ride  (21:09)

2. Tropical Flavour Of The Month  (2:54)

3. Take A Trip  (17:31)

4. Pixie Dust  (8:25)

5. Down The Tube  (8:22)

6. Sequencing Of The Human Brain  (9:11)

7. New Tropical Flavour  (2:17)

8. Smooth Future  (10:08)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal


Øresund Space Collective is one of the pioneers of Psychedelic Space Rock genre. This album is devoted to the

mysteries and principles of the universe that explored in the hermetic teachings of ancient Egypt and Greece, in other

words, Kybalion. ØSC’s Kybalion celebrates these mysteries by dedicating the album to cosmic heroes of our times,

Stephen Hawking and Owsley Stanley.

Owsley Stanley was the King of LSD, producing the highest quality, reliable trips and amazing expansion of the mind

using chemicals.

Steven Hawking used another path, where he used his immense brain power to look beyond what exists in the

physical world and to try to explain how the universe works, where the human race is headed and more

futuristic stuff. 

Recorded at the Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen, November 2016

Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Segel in Stockholm, Jan-March 2017

Artwork and Virtual Reality by Batuhan Bintas / Cyber Rabbit

Cyberdelic VR-Cardboards for the purple vinyl edition sponsored by


Kybalion- How it all works

Welcome to future of experiencing music and album art!

Kybalion is one of the very first Interactive Mixed Reality Album that offers you a journey, literally, to enter the album!

Collaboration between Oresund Space Collective & Space Rock Productions and Cyber Rabbit studios from UK brought

this experience into existence. Technology allowed us to carry almost unlimited amount of songs in our pockets;

but in this process we lost the magic that comes into being when Art and Music meets on the Album Art. We used the most

cutting edge immersive technologies such as Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Technologies and formed this totally

new way of experiencing music, album and brought this Magic back! The whole album is interactive Cyber Artefact! Front

and Back Covers, Gatefold and Vinyl are all interactive; waiting for you to explore their magic! In order to do this, you will

need to download both AR and VR apps on your mobile device (Smartphone / iPhone).

Below are the informations on what you need to become a Cyber Wizard!

Augmented Reality (AR): (Demo Cover: Cosmic Principle Video)



With the AR app, hover your phone on the Cover and Back cover of the album and let Magic come into being!

Front Cover: You can tap one of the 7 Symbols on the Frame and learn about the Cosmic Principles of Kybalion. Wait for

each principles to finish, then choose another one. Make sure that you get closer to the buttons, see them appearing and

then tap on them to activate the experience. (GIF: Front Cover)

Back Cover: On the back cover of the album, you find the organisations that collaborated on bringing this album into

existence. Touch on one of their logos and find yourself on their website for further information. (GIF: Back Cover )

Vinyls: With the Apple App, you can unravel the Augmentations on the vinyls, ans spin the Holographic Records.

Mixed/Virtual Reality (VR): (Demo Gatefold: Portal into the land of Emerald Tablets)



Have you ever entered inside an album? Now you can! Open the VR app, choose VR and place your mobile device inside a

MR/VR Cardboard. Look at the Gatefold art work through the Mixed Reality lenses and allow the portal to open. Once the

Emerald tablets come out of the Portal, find the Blue Ankh and keep your focus on it. (GIF: Opening Portals)

This will transfer you into the album (GIF: Choosing Songs-Emerald Tablets) Once you are inside you will see 8 Emerald

Tablets. Each one of them is a Virtual Reality journey of a song from the album. Gaze at one to choose the song you’d like

to listen and experience the journey. (GIF: Space Journey-Ship)

For more information you can also visit:


2LP  ØSC "Kybalion" - SRP052

CD - SRP052

CD  ØSC "Kybalion" - SRP052




Release date: 10th December 2018

1LP - ltd. edt. 525 copies

(190x black - 205x light blue - 130x purple)

180g - gatefold - hand numbered

+ insert (30 x 30 cm / printed on both sides)

Side Space:

1. Psyche Remade  (8:19)

2. Astral Traveller  (6:15)

3. Tyhjyyden Mantra  (9:17)

Side Void:

4. Floating  (9:48)

5. From The Void  (10:09)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

On "Visions from the Void" the psychedelic space rock trio DEEP SPACE DESTRUCTORS travel even further into the

deep space within oneself, while taking glances at the void of space.

This album (it's their third album on Space Rock Productions) features five songs consisting of mantras, chants,

psychedelic grooves, space rocking madness and progressive twists. Listener should be prepared to have one's psyche

adjusted while floating on a sonic astral trip through the void.

On "Visions from the Void" pieces of the DSD collective mind are aligned with Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective /

Black Moon Circle), contributing analog synthesizers for the whole album, as well as Antti "Yskä" Ylijääskö playing

saxophone on "Tyhjyyden Mantra", Joonatan Elokuu Aaltonen devoting synthesizers, mellotron & guest vocals for

Floating", and TYHJÄ PÄÄ (Void Head) providing analog space sounds & drones for "From the Void".

This album was recorded and mixed at Tonehaven Studios by Tom Brooke, while the guest artists were recorded in

different locations.

As before, the extremely talented Markus Räisänen provided the artwork and the gatefold images conjured by the

artist will leave no spacehead unstimulated.


FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE - We're Only In It For The Space Rock


Release date: 10th October 2018


2LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 510 copies (200x black - 310x silver)

co-release with Transubstans Records

Side A:

1. Begin To Float  (8:37)

2. Sannraijz  (11:45)

3. Sometimes Going Too Far Is The Only Way To Go  (1:37)

Side B:

1. Sannraijz II  (4:42)

2. We're Only In It For The Space Rock  (18:27)

Side C:

1. Make Yourself Heard For The Sake Of The World  (10:35)

2. You Will Be Freed (unreleased)  (4:18)

Side D

1. Space Documents (unreleased)  (15:52)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE (FBFOS) were one of Sweden’s premier space rock bands from Göteborg.

After 3 demo CD-Rs, they released their first album in 2005 on Transubstans Records on CD. It was recorded by

famous producer, Henrik Udd.

The album was mastered for vinyl from the original CD mixes by Johan Dahlström.

This is a classic space rock record, which is edited down for vinyl from the original CD but also features two

unreleased tracks, including the last studio song the band ever made, called 'You Will Be Freed'.

Fans of Hawkwind, Darxtar, Yuri Gagarin, the Spacious Mind and others will dig this album.




Release date: 12th September 2018


2CD - ltd.edt. 510 copies - 4-sided digisleeve - hand numbered

CD 1:

Improv To The Other Side  (29:38)

Sneaky Snake Jam  (15:26)

CD 2:

Henk’s Jam-O-Rama  (26:49)

Freaks Of Berlin  (17:32)

Another Jam For Sabine  (16:48)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

Dr Space: "In May and into early June, ØSC was on tour with Black Moon Circle for 9 concerts in 9 days in 5 different


We had an incredible time and played some amazing inspired shows. The last show on the tour was in Berlin, where we

had never played before.

We had competition with Roger Waters but still pulled in around 100 people for an amazing end of the tour night.

We made a multitrack recording and our guitar / violin player Jonathan mixed this. The entire band was totally on

fire with both Vemund and Jonathan playing amazing guitar solos and Mogens finally letting it all out with a monster

synth solo on the 'Freaks Of Berlin' track. Vemund plays a mind blowing guitar solo in the final track to blow everyone’s


Hope you enjoy this little document of what one of our shows was like on the tour."




Release date: 9th May 2018


2LP - 180g - 1 insert - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 490 copies

(182x black - 182x dark green - 126x orange)

Side 1:

1. Peaceful Patterns  (20:43)

Side 2:

2. Angular Ambrosia  (18:05)

Side 3:

3. Turbulent Trepidation  (23:21)

Side 4:

4. Chatoyant Breath  (21:50)

order in Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

2CD - ltd. edt. 500 copies - 8-sided digisleeve

1. Peaceful Patterns  (28:37)

2. Chatoyant Breath  (36:08)

3. Angular Ambrosia  (28:02)

4. Turbulent Trepidation  (23:21)

5. Celestial Sensation  (19:23) - (CD only)

order in  Hamburg-Germany or  Portugal

Scott Heller: “Our friend Gary (Yawning Man) was in town and wanted to jam. It had been a long time since the main

touring band of ØSC (Nick, Jiri, Mogens, myself) had been in the studio.

We grabbed Martin, who plays with Nick, Jiri and Mogens in the Univerzals as well as with Jiri in his band, Fri Galaxe, to

play drums. He had played quite a few gigs with us in Denmark the last years.

Nicklas from Papir, was a great choice to play with Gary as both are fans of each other and we love to play with Nicklas.

We had a cool band. This session was pretty fast, all done in one day and just 5 jams recorded.

The vinyl is an edited version of the jams, while the CD features extended versions of the tracks so you can hear more

or less the entire course of the musical journey.

The music on these sections is more spaced out, relaxed and exploratory as it flows and weaves and grows tentacles

to tickle and scratch your inner thoughts. Enjoy the sensations."


DR SPACE'S ALIEN PLANET TRIP - Vol. 2 / Gloomy Horizon


Release date: 4th May 2018


1LP - 180g - cover spot lacquered, laminated- hand numbered

ltd. edt. 410 copies (100x black - 155x light green - 155x red)

1. A New Beginning  (10:00)

2. Boogie with Fidel  (8:44)

3. The Dark Room Becomes Blue  (7:15)

4. Alien Talk  (6:25)

5. Lost In The Cave  (6:55)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

This is the 2nd volume of Dr Space’s Alien Planet Trip.

Dr Space is the leader and one of the synth players in the Øresund Space Collective. 3 years ago, he decided to start to

let out some of his analog synth experiments and compliment these with some guitar layers. The first volume was a good

success with the first 300 copies selling out. While the first volume was more ambient, the guitars play a more prominent

role on Vol 2.

Vol 2, Dr Space recruited two of his old friends, Daniel Lars and Stefan Krey (Gas Giant, Alkymist, Sumo Sun).

The initial synth and drums (all created in Logic) were laid down and then multiple guitar layers were added.

Additional synths were added in some cases.


ON TRIAL - Seventy Kilometers of Underwater Nothingness, Kaptain


Release date: 14th February 2018


1LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 510 copies (174x black - 190x purple - 146x blue)

incl. 7” Single - 45rpm - white vinyl - printed paper cover

(12") Side A:

1. 3rd Day (6:52)

2. MTV (2:39)

3. Human Twin (4:49)

4. Waco Jesus (5:11)

(12") Side B:

5. How Does It Feel? (6:17)

6. Check Your Habit (5:42)

7. Pose (6:42)

(​7") Side A:

1. Spacebird (5:45)​

(​7") Side B:

2. Outside The Door (3:11)

3. Head (4:08)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

ON TRIAL were the premier Danish psych band and one of the few that toured internationally in the 90s

and 2000s before disbanding in 2011.

The band was the roots for a number of amazing bands that followed 'On Trial' (some during but mostly after), like

Spids Nøgenhat, Aron, Ghost Rocket, Black Pussy, Black Seagull, Kama Loka, Dragontears, Quiet Spring, Baby

Woodrose and others.

SKUNK was recorded to a 4 track cassette and released by the band themselves and only made in 500 copies on a CD.

This was a period when the band was heavily into Monster Magnet, and psych rock in general as well as getting

stoned a lot. You can say this album was the bands answer to 'Spine of God' by Monster Magnet. This is the first time

this has appeared on vinyl. The vinyl master was made from the original DAT master from Uffe and put together by

Dr Space.

The original artwork files by Morten Aron where pieced together into a cool gatefold and 7” record by David Graham.

A classic is finally out on vinyl!