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3rd EAR EXPERIENCE - Stoned Gold


Release date: 18th December 2017



180g - gatefold - hand numbered - incl. 20-sided

booklet in 7” format ("The Art of the Jam Band")

ltd. edt. 498 copies total:

198x black - 300x blue (side A/B) & orange (side C/D)

Side A:

1. Infinite unmanifest (16:51)

Side B:

2. The Drone (12:01)

3. No Walls, No Wars (7:14)

Side C:

4. Stoned Gold (7:58)

5. Iceberg Dreams (12:16)

Side D:

6. I Am Not Robot (13:21)

7. Where You Roam (7:07)

order in  Hamburg-Germany / black  or coloured

CD - in a 20-sided booklet in 7” format ("The Art of the Jam Band")

ltd. edt. 500 copies

1. Infinite Unmanifest (16:48)

2. Iceberg Dream (12:14)

3. Stoned Gold (7:56)

4. I Am Not Robot (13:19)

5. No Walls, No Wars (7:12)

6. The Drone (12:00)

7. Where You Roam (7:08), (hidden track)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

The California based space rock band, 3rd Ear Experience, are back with their 5th studio album, and 3rd on Space

Rock Productions.

This record is more raw aggressive heavy space rock with a lot of emotional qualities. Recorded at a studio in Joshua

Tree, CA. Several guest musicians help to fill out the sound and vibe. A few of the songs contain singing like on the

powerful 'No Walls, No Wars' but mostly the album is instrumental. Space rock for the new Age of Man!

The release of Stoned Gold will be accompanied by a short book in 7" format written by Robbi Robb called "The Art of

the Jam Band". The Art of the Jam Band is an inspiring companion to anyone interested in the art of free form

improvisation in the context of a band.




Release date: 18th October 2017

2LP - 180g - gatefold - hand numbered - incl. a bonus track

ltd. edt. 515 copies total: 205x black - 310x yellow (side A/B)

purple (side C/D)

Side A:

1. Substantia Nigra (10:23)

2. Optic Chiasm (12:04)

Side B:

1. Fornix (17:11)

Side C:

1. Aqueduct Of Sylvius (10:08)

2. Locus Coeruleus (12:53), (bonus track)

Side D

1. Vermis (20:45)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

This was the 4th album (on CD only) by the completely improvised space rock band from the Øresund region

in Scandinavia. It was originally released on the Sulatron Label back in 2008.

The music on this CD was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios during the same sessions as the infamous “The Black

Tomato” CD.

It was also mixed by Grand Master Henrik Udd (just won an award in 2017 for best heavy metal producer!!). Dave

(Sula) took his mixes and turned it into a 70 min. psychedelic music collage.

The music on this LP is meant to take the listener on a musical journey in sound and space. Leave your normal life

behind, close your eyes and fly into the unknown reaches of your mind.

The music is meant to get “Inside your Head” and give you a pleasureful and unique listening experience. One

beautiful thing about the music and the trip is that it is not predictable. You don’t know where it is going or what you

will hear. You just go with the flow of the band.

Sula did a brilliant job of placing the tracks in a perfect order for a nice psychedelic flow and creating a unique

segue way between the tracks.

We think all people who like instrumental psychedelic music, will love this one.

As a bonus the vinyl contains one totally unreleased track that has never been heard before.


ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Hallucinations Inside The Oracle


Release date: 11th October 2017


2LP - 180g - gatefold - 4 insert (30x30 cm each) - hand


ltd. edt. 465 copies total:

152x black - 313x light blue (side A/B) & mint (side C/D)

Side A:

1. Reflections In The Mind’s Eye  (21:50)

Side B:

2. ESP (Extreme Spacial Perspective)  (19:35)

Side C:

3. The Oracle / Pt 1  (22:24)

Side D:

4. The Oracle / Pt 2  (18:27)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

CD - ltd. edt. 500 copies - 8-sided digisleeve

1. Reflections In The Mind’s Eye  (19:42)

2. ESP (Extreme Spacial Perspective)  (19:35)

3. The Oracle  (40:38)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

Øresund Space Collective is a space rock collective that over 50 different musicians have played in from primarily

Denmark and Sweden. The band started out jamming in the rehearsal rooms in Copenhagen and Malmö back in 2004

and since then has created 25 records and played all over Europe and even Las Vegas (2016).

This album was created in November 2016 and features the following musicians: Magnus (guitar, synths), Hasse (doun

douns, bass, talking drum), Dr Space (synths), Jiri (bass), Tim (drums), KG (sitar, guitar, synths), and Jonathan (violin,

guitar, bass, farfisa, and others).

‘Reflections…’ is an album side track featuring sitar and violin. ‘ESP’ is a more electronic synth based track to start

and later has some heavy guitar. ‘The Oracle’ is the main track of the album, a 40min adventure starting with a synth

drone and eastern vibe but then it takes off into space. Features some of the most amazing sitar and very cool violin.

Amazing artwork by Ed Unitsky.


SONIC SHAMEN - Tribute To Lemmy


Release date: 29th May 2017



180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered - bonus cd

ltd. edt. 510 copies total:

200x black - 310x red (side A/B) & pink (side C/D)

Side A:

1. 7 or 7 or Not (17:44)

Side B:

2. Sam's Gopal (13:27)

3. Freaky R&R (07:13)

Side C:

4. Ravi In Space (17:35)

Side D:

5. Stoned Dead Your Clever (18:22)

6. In The Kitchen (02:40), (bonus track)

​Bonus CD:

Jam With Dave #1 (74:59)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

The Sonic Shamen project came together because Dr Space had always wanted to record at the famous, Foel Studios

in Wales. The idea was to bring together cool people from the UK Space Rock community to do some jamming and see

what happens. Fred and Jon (Earthling Society), Martin (Litmus), Vince (Red Elektra, Alan Davey) and Dr Space

(Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle) gathered at the studio for Fri-Sat-Sun in Nov 2015.

Dave Anderson (Hawkwind, Groundhogs, Amon Düül II), who owns the studio was so friendly and hung out a lot with

the guys and even jammed with them for over 2hrs in two different jams (see the CD).

It was all recorded live in the studio with no overdubs.

The opening track is a bit of take off on 7 by 7 by Hawkwind.

Side B is something that might have been recorded by Sam Gopal. This is followed by a freaky nasty R&R jam that

would make Lemmy smile (hope).

Side C is an eastern psych track while Side D shows the most heavy side of the jamming. Enjoy.


SUMO SUN - Stamina


Release date: 29th May 2017



180g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

12" LP - ltd. edt. 300 copies total:

170x black - 130x silver

+ 7" Single (33rpm) - black - one sided

(12”) Side A:

1. Undone (09:43)

2. Clever (06:47)

3. Dread (05:20)

(12”) Side B:

4. Sleep (02:32)

5. Down (07:28)

6. The Higher Game (05:20)

7. Onlooker (08:16)

​one sided 7" Single (33rpm):

Till It's Gone (06:11)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

Sumo Sun is a band that has been a studio only project and

was started back in 2008 by Stefan Krey. The idea was to make some more progressive rock music than his former

band, Gas Giant. He brought together the bass player form Gas Giant, Magnus (of the space rock band Mantric Muse),

Icelandic drummer Helge and vocalist extraordinaire Mickael, who came from the Copenhagen singer-songwriter


The mixture proved to be a powerful mix of heavy rock with a progressive rock element mixed with formidable vocals.




Release date: 6th March 2017



180g - hand numbered - A2 Poster (120 posters are

signed by Dr Space)

ltd. edt. 300 copies:

100x black - 100x purple - 100x blue

+ ltd. edt. 188 copies total re-release / 4th May 2018:

83x black - 105x white

Trip A:

1. 5 Dimensions Of The Universe  (24:26)

Trip B:

2. Rising Sun On Mars  (09:51)

3. In Search Of Life On IO  (11:50)

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

Dr Space has made several synthesizer improvisations in

the studio over the past few years. These three tracks are

multilayer explorations into sound. This is the first of a

series of albums to be released. The plan is to invite

different guitar players that Dr Space has worked with over the years to contribute to each album in the series.

On this one, we have Nicklas from the band ‘Papir’ and Richard Orlando from ‘Alien Planetscapes’. The opening track

‘5 Dimensions Of The Universe’ is made of 5 repeated motifs over which Nicklas recorded different guitar parts and

Dr Space used different synthesizers in each of the 5 sections. Later, Richard added some intense guitar and made the

mix pretty psychedelic. ‘Rising Sun On Mars’ starts with some monotron feedback and then drifts into the netherworld.

‘In Search of IO’ features a repeated drum track to create the feeling of forward motion. Some very cool guitar on this


This is not all like ØSC but more like early Tangerine Dream (not as sophisticated), Sounds of a new Soma,

Sulatronics, etc...... Just Analog synths and some guitars! Pretty psychedelic and spaced out.... Enjoy..

Recorded at the Space Station Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark at various times during 2016.




Release date: 27th February 2017



180g - gatefold - insert (30x30 cm) - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 469 copies:

205x black - 151x orange - 113x green

Side A:

1. Journey To The Space Mountain  (7:55)

2. Spacemind  (10:38)

Side B:

3. Return To The Black Star  (7:05)

4. From The Ashes  (12:34)

order in  Hamburg-Germany

Deep Space Destructors was founded in the beginning of

the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members’

mutual love for 60s and 70s psychedelic, prog, kraut and

space rock.

Deep Space Destructors' journey continues towards deeper

space and sounds.

"Psychedelogy is a travel log of a journey into one's self" ...

This is what it says in the liner notes, and describes the album pretty well. There are the recognizable things from our


effortless jamming, spacey atmosphere, vocal harmonies, as well as fluid interaction between guitar, bass and drums.

There are some new elements too, songs are more space rocking, grooving and faster without forgetting the

atmospheric and progressive elements found on earlier releases. Extra effort was taken on the vocal arrangements

and they are deceivingly simple, yet quite complex when taking a closer look.

Psychedelogy was mostly recorded live with additional instruments recorded afterwards by who we like to call as "The

Cosmic Friends". The four guest artists each had their own song to which they created soundscapes with sitar, organ,

Black Deck and analog synthesizer, for a complete psychedelic brew.

We tried simplifying things too. "Return to the Black Star" is a one riff song and "Journey to the Space Mountain"

basically has two riffs. It was interesting process how we could build up a song this way as we had not done it before.

"Spacemind" and "From the Ashes" on the other hand take the listener to the deep end of the DSD experience.

Amazing artwork by Markus Räisänen.


3RD EAR EXPERIENCE - Stones Of A Feather


Release date: 2nd February 2017



180g - gatefold - hand numbered

ltd. edt. 520 copies total:

195x black - 206x gold - 119x silver

Side A:

1. Flight Of The Annunaki  (10:07)

2. The Old Woman's Dance  (8:06)

Side B:

1. Return Of The Peacock  (9:55)

2. Chungo  (9:16)

Side C:

1. The Balladeer's Tale  (16:01)

2. Everlasting Sea  (4:50)

Side D:

1. Space Tripping (live)  (20:02)

order in  Hamburg-Germany / black  or  gold  or  silver

„Stones Of A Feather“, 3rd EAR EXPERIENCEs 4th album, is a curious mixture of the old and the new; reaching back into

the reckless abandonment of Cream live circa: 1967 to Ornette Coleman’s free jazz, diving down into the deep well of

Krautrock to soaring on fuzzy Sabbath like riffs of contemporary stoner rock.

Yet no generalization is ultimately true of 3rd Ear Experience. The music was derived from spontaneous ideas that

came up during live jams on their 2015 tour of Europe opening for legends FATSO JETSON, and from free form

jamming at the FurstWurld Gallery of Music and Performing Arts where the band records.

The last song on the album is a live recording of a 20 minute long version of the song Space Tripping recorded by

Paul Pott at the Sky High Festival in Frankfurt 2015.

The album guests 18 local desert musicians considered by many to be the cream of the desert crop! Dug Pinnick of

Kings X fame, returns once again to add his heavy bottom growl to the brew.