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ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Experiments In The Subconscious


Release date: 7th February 2020


ltd. edt. 500 copies

150x black

- 150x marbled

- 200x red (side A/B) & orange (side C/D)

- 170g - gatefold cover - hand numbered

Side A:

1. Lost In Africa

Side B:

2. Prosthetic Cuban

Side C:

3. Lost Milesage

Side D:

4. Oops

5. Hieroglyphic Smell

order in Hamburg-Germany or Portugal


- ltd. edt. 500 copies - digisleeve

release date: 7th February 2020

1. Lost In Africa

2. Prosthetic Cuban

3. Lost Milesage

4. Oops

5. Hieroglyphic Smell

order in  Hamburg-Germany  or  Portugal

Øresund Space Collective (ØSC) is a totally improvised Scandinavian space rock band.

The band has been releasing albums since 2006 and this is the bands 34th release.  The band has played all over Europe

and many festivals. Their music is quite diverse and influenced by the ever changing line up in the collective.

This is the 3rd full length record from the amazing studio sessions that lead to the ‘Hallucinations Inside The Oracle’ and

‘Kybalion’ records.

These 5 tracks are hardly outtakes though. These tracks show yet another side of the creative force that entered into the

studio for 3 days in Nov 2016.

Afrobeat inspiration, Miles Davis surfaces again, Tangerine Dream and some just psychedelic rock!

Recorded at the Black Tornado Studios, Nov 4-6th, 2016 by Lars Lundholm.

Mixed in Stockholm in the Magnetic Satellite. hovering 10 meters above Blackeberg in Stockholm) Nov-March 2016-17 by

Jonathan Segel with guidance from Hasse.

Artwork by Dennis W. Freet / layout by David Graham.

The players:

Dr Space (synths), Hasse (doun douns, bass, talking drum), Jiri (bass),

Jonathan (violin, guitar, bass, farfisa, and other instruments), KG (sitar, guitar, synths),

Magnus (guitar, synths), Tim (drums).